The Frisky Oyster – Greenport

As I was seated I was informed that the 45 day rib eye and the frenched rack of lamb was sold out, I knew I was in for some good eats. Some people are put off when menu items are unavailable, trust me it’s a good thing. It’s far from incompetence of the person stocking the food, in a high-end place, it’s a sign that they want to make sure the food is fresh.

So I was tempted to ask for a 44 day aged rib eye steak, but restrained myself. I started off with the lemon mint mojito and the tuna spring rolls, the dipping sauce was the perfect complement and the mojito on point. I followed through with the duck for my main course. It did not disappoint, the meat was well prepared and not gamey in any way.

Definitely a place I’d recommend 2x over compared to Noah’s. The service was on the mark, their own filtered water, sparkling of course, on par with bottled brands,  and the overall experience head and shoulders above noah’s. They also give you a post card with the check, perfect for those vacationers who just cant help but document their trip.

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