Rosie’s – Bronxville

This just might be my favorite spot in Bronxville, aside from the pinkish funeral parlor lighting there isn’t much to complain about. It is like a slice of Arthur Avenue from its heyday, transplanted north.

It all starts with the bread and there are no complaints here. Sparkling water, pellegrino, was served in a half liter bottle which just for me isn’t enough. The appetizer for the night was simple, Rosie’s dello salad. Iceberg lettuce, crumbled feta and walnuts wasn’t what was described on the menu but I was happy with it. There was a lemon pepper pork chop special that seemed to mute out anything else the server said. Generous size serving of pork chops but the vegetable portions were every childs dream, almost non-existent.

The decor lets call it classic italian style with all the trimmings. There was a painting of a chick with her tits hanging out that seemed to be resting on my head. My buddy kindly took a picture of it but I didn’t include it. Hey this is a fucking family orientated blog. With all the above said the food was very good and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the place.

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