Polpettina – Eastchester

I honestly wasn’t even going to go back to this place at one point. I was going here for a while and really loved their pizza but for a few months the food was making me physically sick. This seemed to correspond with the opening of their second installment in Larchmont, which happens way too often when places try to expand. I had been out in a bar in Eastchester and ran into a couple of servers from the place and asked them about it. They assured me that it was purely coincidence that the new cook sucked balls and I should really give them another shot.

Well here I am back in the saddle and it seems that their food is as well. I went with my favorite, their meatball sampler. One of each of their signature meatballs, beef chicken and pork. I love all three and really can’t pinpoint a favorite out of the bunch. Next up the Coppa & Broccoli Rabe signature pie, again just the way I remembered it thin crispy and delicious.

The interior is trendy with edison light bulbs and reclaimed wood laminating almost every surface. Right now I would say hurry up and grab some good eats while the gettin’s good.

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