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Well here I am out in Greenport, Long Island on a holiday weekend gone awry… A friend recommend noah’s, quoting this was the “in place”. The only in was incompetence.┬áThe decor was minimal but unimaginative, staff sparse, the bar top sticky and short on wine glasses.

The moment I sat at the bar the understaffed help was painfully obvious. A group of left over drinks were cleared one by one over a period of 15 minutes, still leaving two next to me for the entire meal. The sickly bar top became unbearable and I had ask to have it wiped down. I’d expect this from a hole in the wall but this was one of the more upscale places, Jon Taffer’s spittle and floppy finger would have been in overdrive.

I ordered the blood orange drop martini that was sweeter than Sunkist with a tablespoon of sugar. The grilled rib eye which came with truffle parm fries, truffle parm fries are becoming as common as toast with eggs, arrived with no steak knife and no condiments, truly stingy with the pepper. The whole time I observed patrons hovering about starved for attention. One note… there was an interesting item on the menu, filet mignon sliders, I would have probably went back and tried them had the service not been so lacking.

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