Biblio – Williamsburg

Last week I took a ride with some friends to Brooklyn, we were going to Sea but it was packed as usual, so we ended up across the street. I knew as I walked into the place it was going to be an experience. There was a ten minute wait for a table so we mosied up to the bar. We were greeted by a frazzled hipster that exclaimed “I’m really busy, I’ll be with you in a minute!” There was only one other person at the bar!…

We were soon seated and ordered, then the waiting began. It was amusing though, we had brought a kid that really never been anywhere outside a fast food joint. He noticed on the menu the fish was labeled MP. He had no idea what it stood for. After explaining that it stood for market price, he looked at us and said “this is some kind of scam right?”

So the appetizer came out, mac and cheese. After staring at it for a minuteĀ “what is that?” That’sĀ mac and cheese he quickly said “yeah? but it’s not yellow?” Nice white cheese sauce, mini shells with toasted bread crumbs it quickly disappeared. On to the main, the special was a thick porterhouse which was like butter. My friends had the lobster special which they were very happy with.

All and all a great place with great food but an unreasonable wait for the food ~1 hour. If you’re with the right company its worth the wait.Biblio on Urbanspoon