AJ’s Burgers – New Rochelle

Looking for a place to eat, I came across AJ’s. I squeezed in a minute before closing and they were nice enough to serve me. Overall I’m happy I found this place and recommend it but not at first. I started off with the chili nachos and it was very plain and unimaginative. The chili was really no more than just seasoned ground beef.

The burger on the other hand was a complete 360 from the chili. I had the pulled pork burger, medium. Served on a homemade roll, the beef patty is covered with pulled pork, cheddar, coleslaw, and bbq sauce in just the right amounts. It really was a great burger. The hand cut french fries were the perfect compliment completing the from scratch plate.

I loved that everything is served in aluminum pans, reminds me of growing up in and around commercial kitchens. I would be yelled at for eating out of them but not here. The setting was retro with oldies playing in the background yet the exposed brick and joists gave a nice modern feel. It was clean and very well kept, I was surprised to find the place was open for around 6 years because it did not show its age.

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