A la Turka – Upper East Side

I should have known just by the pretense that had led me to this place, to cut and run. I’d love to get into the back story but this isn’t the place, it’s about food so I’ll stick to that.

Here I am in A la Turka in a situation where I just needed to go with the flow and let who I was with do the ordering. They wanted to share plates like a pair of hobos and I reluctantly agreed. First up was the a la turka salad, chopped tomato and cucumber with crumbled feta, whoop ti fuckin doo. The main was a combination platter of lamb and chicken, which wasn’t bad except one of the pieces of chicken was raw. Mmmm rush right down and get you some.

The interior was ragged parts of the ceiling bulged and stained from water damage. Broken glass in the door like a bodega in the ghetto. The servers in shirts and ties that looked like they were wearing them all week without a laundromat in sight. The person I was with telling me that the chicken thing wasn’t a big deal. I guess not if you consider salmonella a friend to the human race. This place an absolute hole and you should probably cross the street should you find it in your path.

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